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-Current Western Saddle Club Association (WSCA) rules shall govern all of our open Pleasure Shows. A copy of the rules will be kept in the entry stand if needed for reference.


-All horses must have a negative Coggins for the current year to be allowed on the show grounds

Show Fees

-Payments are due at time of entry sign up.

-Adding classes ? please sign up for additional classes at least 3 classes ahead of time

-There will be a $35.00 charge for any returned checks.

-Open checks are allowed, but must be closed out at the end of the show day.

-All exhibitors stalling a horse in the barn must submit a separate check for a stall deposit.

- Stall reservations are encouraged

- Electric campsites are available for a fee

Daily High Point

- Daily High Point is open to all exhibitors

- See Show Bill for any classes that do or do not count toward high point

Horse Handling

-All horses must be haltered and on a lead rope or bridle at all times, unless in a stall.

- All stallion handlers must be at least 18 years of age.

Dog Policy

-Dogs must be under control and on a leash at all times.

Show Attire

-Proper show clothing and tack are required, as stated in WSCA


Class rules and restrictions

-Children riding in lead line class may not show in walk trot classes or three gaited classes.

-Walk-Trot horse and rider combinations may not enter the three gaited classes in that discipline; with the exception of the horse/rider combinations in 5 yr. and under walk-trot.

Horses five and under may be ridden in two handed snaffles or bosals.

-There is a 60 second ring call, notify the entry stand if you have a tack change (3 minute time limit)

-Once the gate is closed no one will be allowed to enter.

-The Eau Claire Bit and Spur club reserves the right to alter, combine or cancel any class.

-Cell phones and pagers will not be allowed in the show ring. Use of one will result in automatic dismissal from the class.

Show ground rules

-The Bit and Spur show committee and/or officers reserve the right to excuse abusive, dangerous, disruptive and/or unruly horses and people from the show ring and the show grounds. It is an expectation that all people in attendance will maintain respect and courtesy to all.

-No one under the age of 18 may show or otherwise handle a stallion on the show grounds.

-Please respect the "No Horses" signs on the club grounds; these areas are there to protect people and the grounds. Also, there is no parking in these areas.

-Only show personnel or club members working in the arena are allowed in the ring during the show.

Year End Bit and Spur Members High Point Information

To be eligible for year end high point awards you must:

  1. Membership in the Eau Claire Bit and Spur Club

  2. Work 10 hours per year

    1. 5 hours to be worked at shows – Open or Breed shows

    2. These hours can be worked by someone else for 100% the rate. (if someone works for 2 hours it will count towards 2 hours). 


Points for high point will be awarded as follows:

1st Place- 6

2nd Place- 5

3rd Place- 4

4th Place- 3

5th Place- 2

6th Place- 1

In the event of a division tie, the person with the most 1st will win.



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