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Affiliate Show Divisions

American Paint Horse Association

Minnesota Paint Horse Association

Wisconsin Paint Horse Association

American Quarter Horse Association

American Quarter Horse Association

Minnesota Quarter Horse Association

Wisconsin Quarter Horse Association

Appaloosa Club (ApHC)

Appaloosa Club

Southern Wisconsin Appaloosa Club

Arabian & Half Arabian Association

Arabian Association

Region 10

Minnesota Arabian

Minnesota Half Arabian

Wisconsin Arabian

Country Supply

Dreamhorse Classifieds

Equine Classifieds

Midwest Horse Stables Directory

Minnesota Equine

Minnesota and surrounding areas

Classifieds and events

Stolen Horse Resource


Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits by Betty

Pet portrait paintings of equine and pets done from photos. Pencil and Charcoal sketches. Plaques, brushes, signs, and memorial stones with your equine's or pet's own portrait painted on it.

Highland Photography

Pinto Horse Association of America

Minnesota Pinto Horse Association


Pony Of Americas

Minnesota POA

Wisconsin POA

Western Saddle Club Association (WSCA)

WSCA Horses

Website for WSCA riders and horses. Events & Classifieds

Wisconsin Horse

Wisconsin State Horse Council

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